Kids’ Dentistry

It’s essential to start educating about proper oral care early, of course! To encourage excellent oral hygiene and health, it is recommended that your child have their first dental visit by either the age of one or within six months after the growth of their first tooth. However, if there are any issues with your child’s teeth that are a result of disease, injury, or developmental problems, they should be seen right away.

Proper Oral Care and Why it’s Important

The best plan of action is to start encouraging and implementing appropriate oral care before your child’s adult teeth come in. Ways you can start caring for them early is by utilizing a soft cloth to clean their gums. This should be done as early as a few days after birth up until their first teeth grow in. Additionally, the sharing of spoons, forks, or other utensils between parents or caregivers and their child is discouraged because it is possible that the other person’s saliva may contain bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Sharing will potentially pass along that bacteria to your child and even something as simple as kissing can do the same. General practice of proper oral health and hygiene by all members of the family and those who come in close contact with the child will reduce the risk of this bacteria being passed on.

Dental X-rays

There’s no specific rule for when a child should begin having dental x-rays conducted, as some children have a higher risk for dental problems than others. Those with higher risk should have x-rays done before others, but most children will have x-rays taken by the time they are five or six years of age. Once their adult teeth start coming in, the presence of x-rays in their oral care becomes even more essential. They help check that their adult teeth are growing in the jaw, assess if they are healthy and clean, and allow our professionals to check for any bite problems.

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