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Dentures are false teeth meant to replace your natural teeth in the event of their loss. At our office, we provide you with the opportunity to turn to dentures as a means of substituting for any lost teeth. There are two different types to choose from, so we can ultimately decide what’s best for every patient’s unique situation. These two types are referred to as full and partial dentures.

For the first few weeks or even months after the installation of dentures, they may still feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable. Eating and speaking with them takes practice – after all, the muscles of your tongue and cheek need to learn how to operate while holding your dentures in place. Minor irritation and soreness, excessive saliva flow, and the sensation that your tongue doesn’t have enough room are not uncommon. However, if you experience irritation or have other concerns you should contact us.

Dentures are not the only option for missing teeth, just one of the many that our staff may discuss with you.

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