Digital and Intraoral Photography

Digital photography allows us to take photos of your teeth and mouth and immediately share them during the appointment to further elaborate on any issues or explain treatment plans. Using these images, we can point out any concerns we may have in order to prevent future issues or even demonstrate what is being done well. It is meant to be a quick and painless procedure.

Digital and intraoral photography may not be necessary at every visit. It is, however, a useful tool our team will often implement to ensure our patients have a full examination experience and we will typically have a conversation with you about the benefits of the procedure before conducting it.

Importance of Digital and Intraoral Photography

Digital photography is useful for a number of reasons including documentation, a means to accurately record color rendition of both soft and hard tissue detail and have high-quality images. Documentation is essential to keep proper medical records, show the transitionary period between treatments, and act as future diagnostic reference. It’s crucial for our professionals to have a record of the colors that we perceive during patient examination. With our technology, photos taken should precisely reproduce the color of any gingivae, oral mucosa, teeth, and any prostheses as they appear in the mouth. This lets us to correctly diagnose and discuss any issues or preventative measures with you.

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